5G - Automotive - Industry 5.0

Edge Cloud

Deploy foundational edge with best-in-class hardware and commercial & OSS software.
Test and benchmark with realistic workloads.
Size and dimension deployment from best known configurations and gain insight for design trade-offs.


Modern edge devices are built on commercial (x86, ARM, MIPS, ...) or emerging open-source (RISC-V) instruction set architecture (ISA). With EdgeLab, evaluate ISA options that are most suitable to the performance, programming complexity, power budget, as well as software and tools needs of your design.


The edge platform is a diverse and balanced combination of device and software that brings storage, analytics, and application programming closer to where data is produced and consumed. Use EdgeLab whitebox reference platform, or integrate your own to create a close-loop infrastructure for development.


Edge services are decomposed and distributed over a complex infrastructure made up of cloud, IoT, AI/ML and 5G components. EdgeLab provides the necessary tools and hw/sw ingredients to construct digital twins of real-world infrastructure for your design, testing and validation.

5G NR Radio Access Network

Model & deploy wireless network with high performance, modular components. Explore spectrum efficiency, end-to-end throughput and latency, and build blueprint reference design for real-world deployment.

The network operating system that powers EdgeLab SDR and edge controller

Secured and high performance operating system with support for modern embedded CPUs, vector processors, and accelerators. EdgeNOS enables resource-constrained edge platforms to meet the low latency & high throughput needs of 5G NR wire and wireless packet processing in the user plane (UP) and control plane (CP) without compromising portability and compatibility.

High-performance, modular and composable Layer-1 programmable component framework

5G NR supports licensed spectrum from under 1GHz up to 52.6 GHz. This high degree of spectrum diversity means that wireless network functions be dynamically distributed among the radio unit (RU), distributed unit (DU), centralized unit (CU) for optimal deployment. Designed to be agile to split trade-off, EdgeLab modular Layer-1 framework enables functional splits such as NFAPI and O-RAN to quickly be configured and deployed on general purpose edge compute hardware.

O-RAN-compliant RRU/DU reference design with 7.2 VRAN function split

Split option 7.2x is a specification for functional split between O-RAN DU and O-RAN RU adopted by the O-RAN fronthaul specification . EdgeLab provides a reference software implementation of split option 7.2x that can be used for design exploration, functional characterization, and compatibility testing.

Core Infrastructure

Choose from commercial or OSS orchestrators, and private or public clouds hosting options, or select from blueprints to configure a managed core infrastructure to host virtualized and containerized edge virtual network functions (VNFs).

Select from a diverse portfolio of real-world or synthetic VNFs to deploy. Test, validate, and characterize to explore the best options for your designs and use-cases.

CORE - vIMS / Session Border Controller, vFirewall, vDPI, vIP-sec, Cable Modem Termination System (vCMTS), vRouter, SD-WAN, Network Address Translation, Network Slicing

EDGE - vEPC, g/eNB, vUE, MEC (OpenNESS), Video Analytics

SYNTHETIC - NFVi-marks (packet forwarding, single/multiflow L3, MPLS tagging, Access Control List, LB / S-tuple lookup, buffering),